IMG_1079RJ Industrial can handle your job today. RJ Industrial has the best workfoce, equipment, and processes that promote the highest safety and performance standards.

Benefits of Torch Processing

Successful processing via torch cutting requires efficient processes while abiding by federal and state safety regulations. Our goal is complete satisfaction resulting from quick, safe, clean and complete processing of the requested material. Torching processing is more cost effective than folding, crushing, bending, sawing or melting. By processing material, our team can increase the scrap density as well as improve the value of material that maximizes freight, in turn lowering costs.

IMG_1071Yard Processing

RJ Industrial’s full service yards regularly process various materials ranging in size and difficulty, while always keeping the focus on safety and efficiency. A brief example of the material we process are:

  • Press pieces
  • Dies
  • Heavy iron
  • Heavy machinery
  • Scrap metal

Mobile/On Site Torching

RJ Industrial is a perfect provider of mobile or on-site torch processing. Our team enables us to offer the best, most cost-effective, processing services regardless of location. RJ Industrial has processed material for multinational corporations, large-scale companies, and continues to provide small scale and high volume torch projects throughout the nation.

IMG_1087Portable Processing

Let RJ Industrial come to you! We can process at any location. We will deliver containers, material handlers, forklifts and our knowledgeable riggers and torchmen to your location to meet any of your needs. Safety and speed is the trademark of RJ Industrial when preparing and removing material.





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