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RJ Industrial developed the patented Smoke Particulate Air Reduction Cyclone System (SPARCS©) as the answer to opacity issues involving the torch cutting of certain metals. RJ Industrial developed SPARCS© to help torch-cutting operators avoid EPA V-E9 violations and reduce opacity issues.

What is SPARCS?©


SPARCS©, approved by the Responsible Recyclers Association, is a modular industrial vacuum system, which filters torch smoke particulates from the air, greatly reducing smoke opacity. SPARCS© is self-contained running on electric power, is fabricated from heavy gauge steel, and is easily maintained with low operating costs. SPARCS© has a buffered cutting area, a cyclone vacuum area, and a filter/fan assembly, all of which folds onto itself for portability.

SPARCS© Benefits

  • Reduce opacity emissions and avoid EPA V-E9 violations.
  • Wind break doors prevent cross winds from blowing smoke towards torcher.
  • Fans pull smoke through the cyclone system to remove the particulates during torching.
  • Allows torcher to cut a variety of sizes and shapes of various metals.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Custom sizing available.
  • Portable.

How Does it Work?sparcs-in-action

The torch-man stands and cuts within the buffered cutting area surrounded by the wind break doors. High volume industrial fans pull the smoke away from the torch-man through a series of chambers creating a vortex and pressure, knocking down particulates. The smoke then travels through a series of industrial filters, removing finer smoke particulates, which then exhausts through the fans. Air quality is safer for the torch-man and opacity is greatly reduced. Smoke problem SOLVED!

Metals That Can Be Cut in SPARCS©

  • Cast Iron
  • Coils
  • Manganese Mill Rolls
  • Misc. Heavy Torching
  • Tundish-Skulls
  • Standing Presses

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