Do you sell car parts?
No, we only buy cars for scrap.

Do you pick up cars for recycling?
No, you can tow them in yourself and we will buy them.

Does it cost money for a recycling dumpster to be delivered and picked up?
Yes, we line item the trucking cost. However, there is no “rent” charges for containers.

How is material purchased?
Our prices are based on the applicable commodities markets at current rates. This is always based on weight of material being recycled.

How do I get paid if I’m recycling material?
All transactions, where permitted by state law, are able to receive cash up to $150.00. Higher amounts will be paid by check/ACH payments.

Are your torching services 100% mobile?
Yes, we have all the required tools and equipment for our torching services to be brought to any site, any time.

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